PMW, or other way Plastic, Metal, Wood. Any time, anything, everything.


The material of our time is plastic. We customize the properties of plastic entirely; it will decay if we want, or else it will last forever according to our design. If you want it is transparent, but only as much as we want, its color, hardness, texture can all be individually tailored by your desire.


Cool to the touch, it suggest power, reliability and elegance to the look. As well as versatile as plastic, it has countless benefits in clear hands. From aluminum to steel to special alloys, many materials are used in our projects.


The gift of nature, sometimes more whimsical than a diva, is without a doubt one of the most mysterious materials we can work with. The nobility of the wood and the unique, unrepeatable texture are guaranteed to add value that impresses the viewer. Only ours will have an iron ring.

Our special offers

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will try our best to help those who work in the commercial sector even in these tying times. Perhaps those people needs the most help who sitting behind the counter. These polycarbonate walls and warning floor stickers help reduce the risk of the infection. We are constantly expanding the list to make the work of ordinary heroes safer.


For over 20 years, PMW has been committed to creating value and delivering quality services in innovative marketing communications and advertising tools, from POS – Point of Sale, designing from scratch to execution.
Our mission is always to create the best possible solution to maximize our customer profit. That’s our aim! We boost profit. Our company is committed to maintaining a fair business, and we expect our colleagues and even our subcontractors to adhere to it.

Shop? Decoration!


Whether it’s a small tobacco shop or a big chain store, the first thing a prospective customer will encounter is appearance. A shop, an exhibition stand, a moving buffet will all be appealing or repulsive to those arriving at first sight. An imaginative, orderly, uniform look is nowadays essential in a market where everyone wants to stand out a little bit more from the crowd, and be a little more colorful, louder.



Over the past 20 years, PMW has been fortunate enough to work with companies who think the same way when it comes to quality, with a number of engagements behind us. Extra needs can only be met with maximum dedication and outstanding professionalism, and perhaps more importantly, communication between companies. Whether it’s a family business flyer or a global branding counter, PMW professionals work with the same energy and dedication

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